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  • What is Fit Camp?

    We offer outdoor Fit Camps at various locations within our community. We bring people together in a fun, supportive group enabling us to reach our Health and Fitness goals TOGETHER!

    Our Fit Camps accommodate all athletic skill levels. If this is your first time to work out in years or if you want to begin living a Healthy Active Lifestyle, our Coaches can help you attain that level!

    Our Fit Camp are designed to exercise every muscle and burn your unwanted fat!

  • Support

    We offer group fitness, so that you have the support and fun you need to be the very best version of yourself!! Let’s reach our goals TOGETHER!

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  • Variety

    We offer Fit Camps outdoors, boot camps, yoga, hiking, volleyball, swimming pool work outs and more!! We love to offer you a variety of Fit Camps to plug into, so that you have options to get fit!

    Challenges Include:

    • 12 classes of physical training
    • 2 xtreme fitness challenges
    • Fitness evaluation and coaching
    • Complete body transformation