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  • WOW, I have never found such a wonderful dynamic in a program! We have every resource possible with this Nutrition Club!! I feel so fortunate to have found this! 28 lbs down since using these incredible products and feel so good everyday! Thank you to my coach for helping me every step of the way!

  • I started using products looking for weight loss. I have been overweight my entire life. Since using the products I have lost 67 lbs and still going! I couldn’t believe it! I love how easy the products are to use!! I have now incorporated fitness into my regimen! The Fit Camps are so much fun!!!


Before Herbalife, I was tired, overweight and uncomfortable. I got started on the products and the first thing I noticed was energy. But the best part is, I lost 23 lbs!!!

Coach Brittany
  • I had lost all hope for creating a healthier lifestyle as I felt I had tried everything!! I was discouraged by previous things I had tried. I joined a Weight Loss Challenge and started using the products. I immediately gained tons of energy and lost 12 lbs already!! I feel I can create a healthier lifestyle the rest of my life with this program.

  • I LOVE the Fit Camps!! We get to be outdoors, be around great people and stay motivated! There are so many ways to stay plugged in with this program! Since using products I have lost 31 lbs and have more energy than ever before! I am now working on increasing my lean muscle and get more definition through the Fit Camps! I was surprised at the levels I can push my body when I put my mind to it!


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