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  • We are on a mission to “Shape Up Our Community” through fitness, nutrition and our personal support!! We help our clients live a Healthy, Active Lifestyle!

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    11 Members Are Musicians

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    Your Health and Fitness takes 20% exercise, 80% nutrition and 100% mindset…PLUS 0% EXCUSES!

    Coach BrittanyThe Health and Fitness Zone
  • Our Coaches Are:

    • Supportive

      Our coaches are here to support you every step of the way to reaching your health and fitness  goals!! We follow up and encourage you along your journey! We care about our clients and want to see them get the very best results!

    • Challenging

      We will push you to get your very best results!! We help you make a LIFESTYLE change, and will give you the tools and resources to be forever healthy!

    • Fun

      We provide fitness boot camps, belly dance, yoga and more! We are a fun, positive bunch to be around!! You will build relationships and friendships with the coaches and clients!! We want to create an environment that you enjoy!!

  • Our Nutrition Club Offers:

        • Healthy Breakfast
        • Post Workout Nutrition
        • Fit Camps
        • Health and Wellness Events
        • Nutritional Education
        • Nutrition Meal Plans
        • Personalized Coaching
        • Body Transformation Challenges
        • Fun Supportive People
        • Weight Loss Challenges
        • Nutrition Classes
        • Careers in Wellness
        • Free WiFi
        • Fun Activities

Our Amazing Nutrition Coaches:

  • Cliff Cliff cliff@myfitsquad.com   303-513-6719

  • Brittney Brittany coachbrittany@live.com 701-794-7146

  • Dean Dean 303-476-1292

  • Stephenie Stephenie stephenie.herbalife@gmail.com 720.204.0871

  • Kelsey Kelsey 303-918-8499

What else can we do to convince you?

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